Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Rainy Saturday in Paris ... I mean Seattle

Restaurant Name: Cafe Campagne
Location: Seattle, Washington

So today was one of those rainy November days in Seattle that can be so much like the same day in Paris. Cindy and I were in the Pike Place Market area so we decided to stop for lunch at Cafe Campagne. I must confess that this restaurant is one of my sentimental favorites. It was perhaps the first great French Bistro in Seattle and was the launching pad for many, if not most, of the great chefs running their own Foodie Family favorite restaurants in Seattle today. It is also a favorite because of its wonderful "really Paris" atmosphere, and its great location near the Pike Market. I always pop over to Sur La Table (the original location by the way for you out of towners) afterward as I am always inspired to cook after a nice frenchie experience.

Cafe Campagne is perhaps my favorite spot to eat lunch alone at as they have a really wonderful counter area for a civilized solo dining/wining break with pleasant company of other solo or duo diners and nice counter staff.

Alas, as many of you Seattle foodies know, Cafe Campagne is not what it once was. However. I still enjoy it immensely as I did today. I had my lunch standard there of Oeuf's en Meurette - poached eggs in a bacon, onion , wine sauce over nice toasted brioche - accompagned by a nice basket of frites covered by a linen napkin to keep the warm. Interesting, but true, my frites were great and Cindy's were not - which is a recurrent theme with the frites here - hit or miss. I also enjoyed a nice glass of rose rhone wine.

I want to be transported to France in a French restaurant and I always am in this place. Like France it generally is not fast - taking 1 & 1/12 hours or more - which is fine by me. Cafe Campagne has a true complete bistro menu with many many very solid items on it. Their wines by the glass and bottle are mostly French - also great by me and very good - not cheap - usually around $9 and up. They also have very good espresso drinks for after lunch and some nice desserts.

If you are in the area, have the time, and are looking for a leisurely real French experience I reccomend this place - just don't expect culinary perfection - it really is like a Paris Bistro - some hit and miss. Lunch for 2 around $50.

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