Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bakery Nouveau, Better Than Paris in Seattle

Restaurant Location: West Seattle, Washington
Restaurant Name: Bakery Nouveau

Every time we are lucky enough to go to Paris, my husband and I spend a lot of time walking and exploring the city. There is much to see and much to eat, especially the wonderful French pastries and breads. Now we can have that same experience of sampling amazing artisan breads, croissants, brioches and quiches right here in Seattle. Located on California Ave in West Seattle, Bakery Nouveau calls our name every time we are in the neighborhood. There is always a long line of folks patiently waiting to buy something But waiting is ok, it gives you time to look over all the chocolates, cakes, pastries, and other mouth watering treats sitting in wicker baskets in the case and make your selection. I have tried many of the pastries, 0ne of my favorites is the brown sugar pecan brioche . This unassuming pastry literally melts brown sugar in your mouth along with a generous helping of butter, oh, I can still taste it! The fruit pastries are also good: strawberry/rhubarb tart, lemon tarts, apricots tarts, so many to choose from.
To make the trip even better, Bakery Nouveau serves excellent, hot lattes, hot chocolates and teas. There are a few tables inside and outside, but they are often full. One of the better points of this bakery is that the many bakers in the back are always baking and working on pastries so no matter what time of the day you pop in, there is always something fresh in the case. So the next time you are dreaming of a trip to France, just remember there is a little bit of Paris in West Seattle.

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