Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bouchon Bakery NYC

Restaurant Name: Bouchon Bakery
Location: New York City

This review refers only to the take-away bakery counter at Bouchon, not the sit-down portion. It is based on two separate visits.

First off, the Pecan Sticky Buns. As much as I want to claim otherwise, these were good but not not great. On my first visit to the bakery (with other bloggers on this site), we ordered two of the buns to take away. They were dense and sweet and sticky. They were good. But they weren't mind-blowing or life-changing (as I like my pastries to be).

On the second visit, I chose more wisely. Between my husband and I, we had the Chausson Pomme, the Chocolate Croissant, the Lemon Semolina Pound Cake, and a Madeline. All were thrillingly delicious.

The Chausson Pomme was slightly warm. The pastry was flaky - crispy on the outside and buttery on the inside. The apple filling was sauce-like (no chunks of apple) and redolent of cinnamon (I am making a happy gurgling noise just thinking about it).

The Chocolate Croissant was really good, though I've had some in Montreal and Paris where the chocolate was melt-ier (and, frankly, I hold TK to such standards, so this could have been slightly better).

I did not try the Lemon Semolina pound cake because to my eye it looked like it would be dry, but my husband (who is the most critical eater alive) cannot stop raving about it.

The Madeline was sponge-like and had a fine crumb. All in all, an eating experience I hope to re-enact soon.

Bon Appetit!

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Sweet Freak said...

I agree: I like my pastries to be "mind blowing" and/or "life changing." Sadly, my last trip to Bouchon didn't leave me feeling this way. I'll keep trying, though!