Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cafe Campagne, Not Quite Paris in Seattle...

Restaurant Name: Cafe Campagne
Location: Seattle , Washington

A recent visit for lunch to Cafe Campagne in downtown Seattle was not quite the good French bistro experience. This is a cafe that has been a local and tourist spot for many years. The French bistro , hosts great counter eating and small cozy tables in the main room. But if you happen to be seated in the back room or the few tables by the front door it isn't quite so pleasant. The back room lacks personality and seems a bit stark. The tables by the front door are right by the entrance, which can be chilly on many Seattle days and you often bump elbows with customers waiting to be seated.

Lunch (which was a brunch menu because we visited on a weekend) has a varied menu of croque madames and croques messieurs and the requisite quiche (which is a bit dry and seated in a rather tough crust).

The lamb burger was very moist and perfectly cooked with a interesting condiment of pickled onion..The frites, a mix of perfectly cooked and uncooked, arrived at the table less than hot. Too bad since they can be so good when served hot and when cooked correctly . The aioli sauce served with the frites was also a bit thin.

On some visits this cafe has been good, with much better service. than the day we visited. It has a nice location, next to the bustling Pike Place Market. But, unfortunately good location and a good French name doesn't quite make up for the uneven quality of the food and service.

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