Saturday, November 8, 2008

Best of Seattle Restaurants – 2008 – Best Small Plates - Lark

Restaurant name: Lark
Location: Seattle, Wa.

Lark is consistently doing the best cooking in Seattle. The idea here is a minimalist space, small plates, no set courses, and food that is meant to be shared – a few bites each – communally. These are not concepts that come naturally to everyone in the Foodie Family at Between Courses. Some of us need structure in the sequence of a meal, others are not that hot to share if they really like a dish, and all of us love ambiance. It is the one great restaurant we generally do not invite friends to because of the format. However we keep coming back time and time again – Especially Jeff and Steve – who love to try stuff and share – and drink lots of wines by the glass. If you love great food you will be happy here – if you love the dining concepts laid out above you will be in HEAVEN. If you want great small plates but are afraid of the above issues go to Spring Hill in West Seattle - our Top New Restaurant of 2008

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