Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bakery Nouveau - Same Rainy Saturday

Restaurant Name: Bakery Nouveau
Location: Seattle, Washington

OK, on the way to our lunch at Cafe Campagne we did stop for a quick pastry and tea at bakery Nouveau in West Seattle. As everyone knows the baker here won the WORLD Pastry competition in Paris a couple of years ago so IT IS AWESOME!.

A few hints I can provide as I have been here maybe 50 times, at all hours of the day, and have tried most everything. First, ANYTHING that involves Croissant Dough is going to be the best you have had anywhere - including Paris. I especially like the twice baked croissants both chocolate and almond. the Raspberry and the lemon curd/blueberry are also favorites. Second, they bake all day and have lots of customers so your stuff will be fresh and good - which is almost unheard of in the afternoon - evening. Third, their tea and espresso drinks are hotter than hell and good. Fourth, their sandwiches, when heated - which they do if asked - are GREAT.

I do have to tell your their "sweet/fancy", i.e. non croissant dough pastries I find too sweet (including the lemon tart). Their quiche, by most standards - but not mine - are good - also if heated. The problem with them for me is I know how to make a "real" THOMAS KELLER (see Bouchon cookbook) quiche with a proper crisp crust and 2 inch's thick. Bakery Nouveau crust is too soggy and just doesn't have the depth of flavor of THE BEST. I am also not the biggest fan of their cakey type Muffin, etc. But, in all of the above comments, compared to almost anywhere else in the world everything is fabulous.

Stuff is pricey but worth it.

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