Saturday, November 8, 2008

Best of Seattle Restaurants – 2008 – Best Sandwich – Paseo

Restaurant Name: Paseo
Restaurant Location: Seattle
Paseo has a number of great Cuban sandwiches and plates in an incredible shack in Fremont with a branch in an even more incredible shack at Shilshole. Our favorite - in the whole world by the way - well except perhaps the crazy Afgan gyro/kebab stacked with frites we got in the middle of nowhere France - is the grilled pork tenderloin slices with lots of grilled Jalapenos and onions. It is served with the world worst but most authentic mush corn on the cob. Order at the counter, get change for a $10 and then inhale, with water on the side, the messiest, best sandwich ever. Note our runner's up for great sandwich's for 2008 are Matt's in the Market, and Salumi

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