Saturday, November 8, 2008

Best of Seattle Restaurants – 2008 – Best French Bistro – Cremant

Restaurant Name: Cremant
Restaurant Location: Seattle Wa

Cremant in Madison Park is by far the best French bistro in Seattle – and also compares well to the best in Paris as the Foodie Family can attest. What make it the best is that Scott Emerick and his staff LIVE French Bistro. Scott is a veteran of many of the best restaurants in both Paris and Seattle. Cremant is named for the real champagne method excellent sparkling wines NOT grown in the Champagne region and it is a bubbly, noisy, happy place so matches its name well. The menu at Cremant, unlike most of the “bistros” in Seattle offers the full range of classic French Bistro food – all made from scratch in house. Their Charcouterie offerings are amazing. Their French bistro salads perfect – if a little large. Their entrees and plats are the classics done perfectly. Their FRITES are CONSISTENTLY PERFECT – an almost impossible feat that no other restaurant in Seattle can accomplish. The reason for this is that they make them every time as if it was IMPORTANT – most places first fail in their fryers! Boredom and complacency will show and it never appears at Cremant. It’s a good bar, a great Chocolate Cognac dessert, and a fun evening. Even though the location is inconvenient, especially for us on Vashon Island, it is my “go to place” anytime I want to eat a dinner of Bistro food out. Runner up is Café Champagne check their listing for our blog reviews.

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