Monday, October 13, 2008

Preserve this

Restaurant Name: Preservation Kitchen
Location: Bothell, Washington

Recently, Jeff and I had some long awaited adult time (away from the new baby) and enjoyed a belated anniversary dinner at Bothell, Washington's newest restaurant, Preservation Kitchen. Overall, I'd have to give our experience 4 out of 5 stars. The highlight was undoubtedly the food - which was fresh and tasty - featuring local, seasonal ingredients. We started with two apps, polenta tots (great, although the dipping sauce was a bit too bitter for my tastes) and crab stuffed calamari (outstanding). My starter was an excellent take on a deconstructed ceasar - a grilled romaine salad with warm anchovy dressing. Yum. Great harmony of flavors and the chef did an impressive job with the grilling - great char flavor, without overdoing it and turning the lettuce into mush - there was still lots of crunch. For my main, I opted for the gnocchi with fresh tomato confit. The chef stopped by to check on us and told me the gnocchi was made fresh daily. I enjoyed the dish - a simple delivery that let the fresh ingredients shine. Dessert was fine, but definitely not the highlight. I don't believe they have a pastry chef, and it's definitely something I hope they consider in the future. Service was good and our waiter was helpful with wine selection. The atmosphere is classy without being pretentious. My biggest coffee came served in what resembled a classic white diner mug (come on guys, could we at least splurge on a cup and saucer), and the flat screen TV in the bar was completely out of character with the restaurant. Why is there a bar there anyhow? I failed to understand this addition. Nitpicks aside, I'd happily return to Preservation Kitchen, particularly since there were so many items on the menu that I wanted to try. The price, given the preparation and quality ingredients, is a great value and I honestly think they could be charging more. Don't miss this place...after all, as a new restaurant, who knows if it will be around for long. And don't forget to make a reservation...all the eastside foodies were gobbling up the tables, eager to try this new gem.

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