Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jason Wilson Rocks

Restaurant Name: Crush Restaurant & Crush Private Dining
Location: Seattle, Washington

I could go on and on here, waxing eloquent about the truly great food at Jason Wilson's Crush restaurant in Seattle. Indeed, every time I have eaten there, I have found myself ensconced in a mini food-Valhalla, treated to course after course of the precision execution of Wilson's elevated and inventive dishes. Here is a link to the menu: for those who don't believe me. Get thee to Crush right away!

But, that is not what I intend to blog about on this, my inaugural entry. What I want to comment on today is not Crush restaurant, but Wilson's private dining enterprise. You see, Jason Wilson catered my wedding...and aside from the choice of groom, I can't say I made a better wedding-related decision. The picture above is of one of the many beautiful, freshly prepared, utterly mouth-watering dishes Jason and his incredibly professional and friendly team served at my June 2008 wedding on Vashon Island.

Jason does not do many weddings each year, but if you can convince him to cook at yours, what will you get? Well, you will get a chef who wants to work with you to create an inventive, northwest-ingredient-based menu that your guests are not likely to find at any other wedding they have ever attended. You will get a chef who shows up himself to personally prepare the food and oversee everything, making sure that nothing gets through the pass that would not make the cut at his own restaurant. In fact, halfway through dinner service at my wedding, we blew the power. The music went down, the tent lighting went down....and the space in which the food preparation was being done went down. It was a beautiful sunny day and everyone was having fun, so the music and lights didn't really register with anyone. But what about the food? Well, I still don't know how they did it, but every single person was served a piping hot, beautiful, glistening, delicious dinner. So, in addition to a great chef who personally cares that your special event is really special, you get a miracle-worker.

Here is a link to Crush private dining:

Bon Appetit!

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