Sunday, October 26, 2008

Applewood - On the Verge - Brooklyn NY

Restaurant Name: Applewood Restaurant
Location: Brooklyn, New York

On a recent visit to our daughter and son-in-law in Park Slope four members of the Foodie Family blogging here at Between Courses visited the Applewood(see, in particular, The Maharajah, and Miranda's reviews at

Applewood was very busy when we arrived on a Friday evening and that is why I call this review "on the Verge". Clearly, the ingredients, mis-en-place, preparation, plating, attitudes, and general ambiance of this restaurant speaks of EXCELLENCE. Where the situation breaks down a bit is the final preparation of the individual items when the kitchen is slammed. Some items - like the sweetbreads on my excellent veal "stew" were wonderfully prepped and presented by not crispy. Others like the Maharajah awesomely conceived and prepped cannelloni, was not properly heated to proper service temperature. There was a glitch in the kitchen "a misfire" as the server called it after a long delay during which they thoughtfully presented us with a free great little cheese plate. I attribute all of these things purely to the Kitchens not yet fully mature capability to handle the peak of service with the same flawless skill they show in the basic conception and preparation of each dish.

Applewood is a great place to get a nice dinner and I recommend both visiting and watching as they mature.

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