Sunday, October 12, 2008

Applewood and their Excellent Service

Restaurant Name: Applewood
Location: Brooklyn, New York

As a farewell dinner for my in-laws we all went to Applewood in Brooklyn. It's a lovely little restaurant in Park Slope. We've been there a few times now and the food is always good and the service is always excellent. This time was no different, although there was a slight hiccup that the waitstaff recovered from brilliantly.

I ordered the veal canneloni as an appetizer. It came out delayed, so the kitchen sent us a cheese plate to tide us over. I'm not a fussy diner so when these types of delays happen and a restaurant tries to make amends, I immediately forgive and forget. When the canneloni did come out, it was cold. Again, I'm not a real fussy diner so I ate about half of it. It was alright, but would have been better if it was warm. When the waiter cleared the dish he noticed I didn't have all that much. He asked if it was alright, I told him it was a bit cold. They immediately took the dish off my bill. Again, these things happen in busy restaurants. It's a fact of life. All you can judge on, is how they recover, and they did so beautifully.

The goat entree was absolutely delicious. It was easy to tell that the goat was very fresh. It wasn't gamey at all. Applewood's commitment to local, organic food paid off in this entree. It's been a while since I've had goat and it was a pleasant reminder. The almond cake for desert was a pleasant surprise. We'll be going to back to Applewood for many dinners to come.

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