Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lunch at Quinn's Pub - Seattle

Restaurant Name: Quinn's Pub
Location: Seattle

I have been meaning to get to Quinn's for a while as I really love Restaurant Zoe - Scott's Belltown mainstay. I had the opportunity to go for lunch the other day and I can see I should have waited for an evening visit.

I didn't realize that during the day the regular menu isn't available - so most all the yummy things I had been drooling over from reviews were not available. On entering a nearly empty pub around noon the 4 very nice (but as it turned out not very helpful) people behind the bar pointed me to a stack of menu's by the door and told me it was "order at the Bar" service. So, I took a menu and sat to peruse it. It had a hamburger, fish and chips, wild boar sloppy joe's and a few other items. So, as I have been testing burgers around some of the better places in town (Winners are Spring Hill in West Seattle, Dahlia Lounge, or Lamburger at either Cafe Campagne or Matt's In The Market,)I went to the bar and ordered a Smoke Rive Farms Beef burger with fries and a glass of French Rose which was $9. Their wines by the glass are high - lowest being $9 and then upward. Reasonable promptly, one of the bar servers brought me an incredibly stingy pour of wine but no water, silverware ,etc. I then noticed a chalk board that had a few interesting sounding items that I would definitely have ordered if anyone had mentioned to look at or told me about the specials.

So, after a long wait a very uninspired burger with a huge plate of nice, hot fries arrived but still no water, silver or offers of any condiment - I asked if they had aioli for the fries and they allowed as how they could produce some mayo. The Burger was nice looking and high quality but the bun was dry. After asking I got water (no ice in it) and utensils - but with 4 people behind the bar and basically 4 tables with customers seems to me they could have exceeded their authority and provided some personal service. I can see if the place is really jammed why they would have a get your own menu, order and pay at the bar kind of procedure - it is a pub after all - as I said they were all nice but just not helpful.

So, I will try again in the evening - but if you are looking for lunch in Seattle this would not be a place I would recommend. Lunch with tax and tip for 1 was $25 and not worth it.

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