Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our Trip to New York - Seasonal Restaurant

Our first restaurant of this trip to visit Sid and Miranda in New York was a new upscale Austrian called Seasonal in Manhattan. Sid and Miranda discovered in via friends who work for the German government and the United Nations and were blown away by how good it was. We heartily concur.

Seasonal just opened ten months ago. The chef/owners have been running a successful catering business as well as doing the food for the German Embassy in NYC.

I think most folks either have no idea what Austrian food is or think it is sausages, dumplings, and other heavy stuff. In reality this is really refined cooking, a very sleek ambiance, and a very "Continental" experience at super good prices for the experience.

We started with a bottle of Austrian Greuner Veltliner white wine and a nice little amuse bouche followed by some great appetisers.

Cindy ordered:
Foie Gras, Caramelized Onions,
Pickled Cherries, Brioche
The most delicious, refined Torchon beautifully presented. As good as any we have had anywhere - and that is a lot to say.

Sid Enjoyed:
Pork Belly, Sauerkraut,
Fennel, Lemon Verbena Jus
A very nice piece of melt in the mouth, meaty pork belly confit again beautifully garnitured and presented. Interesting a different (the other also delicious) version of the same menu item description he had tried on a previous visit.

Miranda had a goat cheese salad that was wonderful.

Steve had an ethereal sweetbread app that was generous, beautiful and very tasty. I will admit that Austrains know how to do refined fried food - just would not want this restaurant stereotyped as fried food place.

Our main courses were as follows:
Veal Cutlet, Potato, Cucumber, Lingonberry
2 large cutlets in a airy, light breading - a top choice, if a little stereotypical

Beef Strip Loin, Cipollini,
Shallots, Potato
Beautiful, refined steak presentation.

Veal Cheeks, Paprika, Peppers, Spätzle
Melt in your mouth braise.

Flat Iron, Oxtail Consommé,
Apple - Horseradish, Spinach, Rösti
Very refined braise served in a wonderful broth with many interesting side dish's.

We shared several desserts all of which where wonderful.

Quark Mousse, Raspberry - Champagne Sauce, Seasonal Fruits

Dark Chocolate - Hazelnut Soufflee, Vanilla Ice Cream

Caramelized Pancakes, Broken into Pieces, black Plum Compote
All yummy - especially the Quark mousse.

My advice if you are in NYC is to definitely try this restaurant for it food, atmosphere, and prices. In fact, I would suggest you have 2-3 appetisers and a dessert instead of the traditional app, main course, dessert as I feel the apps are the real gems of this restaurant.

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