Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Working in Manhattan, you can either bring your lunch or pay an arm and a leg for lunch.  I take the former approach.  Bringing a sandwich to work every day can get a bit tiresome and boring.  I just found a site called Scanwiches that provides many mouth watering images of sandwiches along with their ingredients.  It can serve as a point of inspiration for those who might be feeling bored.  One that caught my eye is the homemade Pastrami, lettuce, swiss, mustard and mayo on a hero.  Be careful though, if you stare at that site too long, you'll get hungry!

FYI, today I've got some lemon chicken with arugula and mayonnaise on some gourmet white bread.  I'll try to post some of my more inventive sandwich recipes in the near future.

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Steve - the Foodie said...

have you tried toasting the bread to a light brown and somewhat crisp level? Then make sure not to let the any wet ingredients (mayo, etc) come in contact with the bread. Yummy cold hours later.